Tuesday, December 8, 2009


While the future of Malaysian hockey was battling in out in Kuantan, none of the top brass of the Malaysian Hockey Federation, with exception of the Hon. Secretary, were present to watch the youngsters of Kuala Lumpur and Perak fight it out.

These officials opted to be at the Tun Razak Stadium to play a meaningless match between MHF and Air Asia, at the expense of watching the youngsters, the very future of our sport, battle it out.

Perhaps there was a reason why these officials opted not to be there. See the trophy above, well there was no challenge trophy for the Under 14 Tournament, for two years running and the MHF must be held liable. So these officials were probably too shy to face the kids.

And talking about priorities, who was the genius that scheduled the match against Air asia on the very day of the final of the National Under 14.

Who cares about development?