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Hockey: Oltmans remains with Laren
Laren, 04/12/2009

Coach Roelant Oltmans remains in Laren. This allows the Larensche Mixed Hockey Club know.

In recent days there have been reports in the press about the technical director and coach hockey coach of men's 1-Laren. He is talking with the Malaysian Hockey Federation. They asked him for advice because the field hockey players from Malaysia back on the highest podium to join. They should think of the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Roelant Oltmans has a contract with Laren for 4 years until the summer of 2012. The club assumes that this successful cooperation will continue.

"Clearly there may be at present no question of me leaving to Malaysia soon and that it is very doubtful whether it will ever come so far," Oltmans said.

6FM Source: Conservation Larens (

Many have wondered jut how Roelant Oltmans was earmarked by a certain personality to coach Malaysia and over the past week some even went to the extent of trying to discredit this blog, claiming that it was a story plucked from thin air.

Well having let the dust settle down, and after letting the MHF officials have their week in damage control, let us now move ahead and reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with regards to this matter.

Oltmans was in Kuantan on the day of the MHF AGM and a meeting was held between him and officials from the NSC and MHF. So to the NSC official who said that he would pay me RM00,000 to prove that he met Oltmans, I do hope you do honour your word as Oltmans himself has revealed in interviews with Holland that he was in Malaysia and met with several people to discuss terms on taking over the national coaching position in Malaysia ( read for the interviews with Oltmans).

I can further reveal that Oltmans shocked those at the meeting with a salary demand of Euro 10,000 as the official concerned ( the newly appointed technical manager according to Oltmans interview) had given the officials the impression that the salary requested was USD10,000 and nothing was revealed about an assistant.

What might you ask is the difference between Euro 10,000 and USD 10,000, well it works out to be a cool RM20,000 per month.

Then there is the issue of wanting control over all teams, junior and senior with the coaches reporting to the Dutchman, development will come under his purview and total control over the national team program and policies.

Really I am all for it as we will do away with the National Team Management Committee, the Development Committee, the Joint Committee between NSC and MHF and the Selection Committee and will not need to hire Paul Lissek even though the Deputy President made the announcement prematurely without talking to the German.

The MHF has to ponder aboit all of this issues before December 13 when the decision is to be made in Penang but really, I do not believe a single word Oltmans says in his interviews that only a great offer can pry him away from his current job, that statement ios a red herring, to make us believe that he is not tempted by the Euros, that MHF needs a plan to put people in place.

What MHF needs is professionalism in dealing with such matters, and sadly none within the set-up are professionals as they undermine each other and hence provide cannon fodder to blogs.

So lets do some economics on this whole Oltmans deal, a total of Euro 16,000 for the two of them, plus perks such as cars, accommodation and tax breaks will amount to RM120,000 per month. So the annual expenditure will be RM1.4 million.

Now take that and compare to what the current national coaches receive, I learnt it was RM8,000 for the chief and RM5,000 for the assistant. So a total of RM13,000 that works out to RM156,000 per year, that is something in the range of 10 per cent of what the foreigners will receive.

Next we take a look at the subsidy that states receive from MHF for participation in the domestic tournaments. Each state receives between RM3,000 to RM5,000 depending on the tournaments and to make it easier lets work on RM5,000 per state and there is the Razak Cup, Under 23, Under 14.

So RM5,000 per tournament x 3 tournaments x 16 affiliates makes it a total of RM240,000 per year for the MHF to provide for their affiliates.

Let's take it a step further and say that MHF decides to provide a development grant of RM30,000 per year to its affiliates to kick start the development program that has yet to see the light of day. That will work out to something in the region of RM480,000.

So making a grand total, we have yet to reach the magical RM1 million mark and yet we want to spend all that money to hire a top coach. Tell you what MHF, bring in Barry Dancer, Maurits Hendrik, Oltmans and Paul Lissek, and you still will not solve the woes of Malaysian hockey as you have within your set-up personalities that are destroying whatever that can be salvaged from this sport. When we cannot differentiate USD and Euro, what good can you make to the sport?

Why do we look down on the ability of our coaches and not reward them accordingly? The problem lies with NSC as well as they never believe in the ability of the locals, always thinking that we are still eing colonised in sports.

Wake up MHF, trust in your own people, the Koreans have done it, the Pakistanis learnt a bitter lesson, the Indians are learning a lesson, wonder how long it will take for you to realise that Malaysia gained independence in 1957.

Money Money Money, its so funny, in a rich mans world....