Sunday, December 13, 2009


It will be high noon drama when the MHF Management Committee sits down in Penang to discuss the future of Malaysian Hockey.

While some may say its a normal meeting, aided by the fact that notification of the meeting was via SMS with no formal agenda provided as of Friday to those attending the meeting, the fact of the matter is the direction of hockey in the country is set to be determined by some personalities that have hidden agendas.

Imagine this, the future of the national team is to be determined without even going through reports from the officials of the World Cup Qualifiers at Invercargil last month.

It is learnt that neither the Team Manager nor the Chief Coach have been invited for the meeting. And it is further believed that the duo have yet to submit written reports on the performance of the team at the Qualifiers.

A decision today without even reading the reports will only mean one thing, there was a conspiracy and this was set in motion sometime back.

If one were to read in between the lines, the truth of the matter is that an official of the MHF went ahead to deal with Roelant Oltmans, thereby sealing the fate of interim coach Tai Beng Hai.

So it was a pre-meditated move to get rid of Beng Hai given that the team failed to qualify for the World Cup when they lost the crucial match on November 15 and two weeks later Oltmans was already in Kuantan discussing terms.

It is clear that MHF had worked against its own personnel, starting negotiations with a foreigner if before the fate of the national team could be sealed.

It was downright unethical on the part of MHF to act as it did but what was more damaging was a statement made by an influential official to a senior player of the team prior to the Australian Test Matches in October.

"Do not announce your retirement yet as we will have a new coach after the Qualifiers" - those were the comforting words of the senior official after the player was dropped.

The only question MHF seem to be pondering upon right now is if they have the financial resources to afford the Dutchman.

With NSC only willing to provide around RM35,000 of the RM100,000 cost for the duo, MHF will rely on its President to get the remainder, a feat he is quite capable of.

Tengku Mahkota's inclination towards Dutch coaches is well known as it was he who is instrumental in getting a Dutch football coach to start a development program in January. This issue will be highlighted in Malaysian Sports.

So today in Penang history will be re-visited as Beng Hai will most likely receive the chop through the media, or be relegated to the role of Assistant Coach.

And those responsible for the decline in Malaysian Hockey will squirm in their seats as there is back stabbing within the MHF ranks as information is being leaked out.

One last thing though, the appeal of national coaches to handle teams in the MHL should be discussed today as well.

I wonder why the clubs have not just registered them as Team Managers, they cannot coach says MHF but it never said you cannot manage right, so why bother appealing?