Tuesday, December 1, 2009


An interesting development took place at the MHF Coaching Committee where the Chairman Dr. Balbir Singh revealed that he was asked by the Hon. Secretary of MHF to issue the letter giving consent to coaches in the national set-up to take charge of teams in the MHL.

And Balbir went on to state that he only knew of plans to hire a foreign coach, ( read www.jugjet.blogspot.com on the Euro 10K salary and Euro 6K for the assistant) during the MHF AGM in Kuantan last Saturday.

If indeed what Balbir is claiming is true, then it will only be correct for a full disclosure as to why the Hon. Secretary had made for a letter and on whose directive he was acting upon.

It is bad enough that the Deputy President has taken over the roles of the Selection and Coaching Committee via the National Team Management Committee, but for a member of the MHF to direct a Chairman is illegal going by the constitution, unless it is now merely a scrap of paper.

And on the question of the foreign coach, why is there such secrecy, unless of course there is a buck to be made by the middleman.

Two cents advise to the MHF President, you have been misled Your Royal Highness, by individuals out to cement their position ahead of the elections next year.

Just look back at the whle 365 days under your leadership, so much has happened, even sweeping matters under the carpet will not help, as there is a lump beneath that all can notice.