Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Though the two gentlemen have served Malaysian hockey, it was contrasting manner in which they were treated that is of Interest.

Tuan Haji Johari Aziz was appointed as the National Juniors Manager at a time the team was in doldrums.

Eventually the juniors ended up in 12th position in the 20 team event and Johari presented his report to MHF in June.

In is report Johari had raised the issue of long periods of centralised training were ineffective in the current times, but MHF just sat in it, ignoring the findings.

However Johari was thanked for his role as Team Manager after presenting his report at the MHF Management Committee meeting.

Hence Johary was the EX national juniors manager.

Fast forward to December and George Koshy ends his term as National Team Manager on December 31.

Having last managed the team to the World Cup Qualifiers and being a manager for well over a year, the views of Koshy were never sought when MHF and NSC opted to go foreign in their search for a coach.

And to rub salt to the wound, MHF did not even invite him to the Management Committee meeting held in Penang on December 13.

On top of that the MHF Secretariat did not have the decency to tell Koshy that his coach Tai Beng Hai had submitted a report just three days before the meeting.

It was clear that MHF did not appreciate the sacrifices of Koshy enough to thank him for services rendered.

Hence Koshy is now the AXED National Team Manager.