Thursday, December 17, 2009


While the MHF is dragging its feet in selecting a foreign coach for the senior national team, their reluctance in naming K. Dharmaraj as the next National Juniors Coach is cause for alarm.

Dharma has proven his ability, with the team doing well under his guidance over the past year, so rightfully MHF should have no problems in endorsing him as the coach responsible towards the preparation of the juniors for the Junior Asia Cup in 2011 which will serve as the qualifiers for the 2013 Junior World Cup.

The Coaching Committee should convene a meeting to discuss the names of the 3 foreign coaches (which was what the MHF Secretary said in a recent press statement) and at the same time be allowed to deliberate on the coaches for the various teams.

But strahely MHF is silent on this matter and Dharma has no manager to raise this issue with the MHF top management as his team was without an influential or rather top MHF official since Mirnawan Nawawi stepped down as Manager in September this year.

I wonder why the MHF opted to have a Vice President as Assistant Team Manager to the World Cup Qualifiers but no senior official in Myanmar for the AHF Under 18, which ironically was an important tournament as it served as a qualifier for the Youth Olympics in Singapore next year.

December must surely be a bad month for Dharma, as not ony has MHF not given him his due recognition, but also denied him the opportunity to coach KL Hockey Club.