Monday, July 9, 2012


Not everyone is as rich as some top notch officials. But it is their passion that drives them to serve the sport they love. And these are the personalities that I consider who serve hockey unlike some who let hockey serve them.

That is in reference to the dedicated hockey officials who are currently serving in various capacities - umpires, judges or technical officers.

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 10, will be the 7th day that they have been in Kuantan as the men's hockey competition commenced on July 5.

But these officials have yet to see a single cent of the allowance that they were promised. The initial agreement was that they be paid every fourth day, but that seems to be a distance past.

The Pahang HA are not to be blamed as even their cries have fell on deaf ears, with the big guns in the likes of Technical Officers from OCM, NSC and the Organising Committee just turning a deaf ears to pleas.

That is not all for those affected we're only provided with ONE t-shirt each since the tournament started. And the irony is that the volunteers were given THREE t-shirts and a track suit each.

While we value the contributions of the volunteers, surely the Organisors need the understand the requirement that hockey umpires are attired uniformly.

Indeed it is sad that this is happening in the backyard of the MHC Ptesident Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

For in national or international tournaments, the Umpires are provided attire by a leading western food restaurant and it is sad that in Kuantan this company has decided to just let the umpires be.

Perhaps it's time that Tengku Abdullah be made aware of the truth that is so often hidden from him.

Get the dedicated officials their dues please Tengku and let's see some class with regards to the attire of the officials. All it takes is one phone call.

Not everyone serves hockey as I do where I am volunteering my services for providing results and helping the organizational aspects for free of charge following the actions of overzealous officials of the Competition Committee.

Perhaps they will live up to the motto to serve hockey rather then hockey serving them when and if they are appointed for the Razak Cup.