Thursday, July 5, 2012


Confused as to what the result is between NS v Perak after going through the FIVE pages as listed on the website for SUKMA
The image above is just the first page of the mens hockey competition, with a total of 10 pages. But not one page tells you what the result of the match really is.

This blog was going to provide hockey fans with match reports, pictures and results of the hockey competition until Col B. Muthukumar, V. Rajamanickam and Tuan Haji Johari Abdul Aziz put a spanner in the works with them ganging up to deny hockey fans news on Sukma.

Perhaps the trio will be kind enough to email daily the results of the matches so that we can update you.

Try making sense of the following images and see if you can figure out the results please. And if you want to see the actual, simplified results, go to the bottom of this page.

 Now for the real results:

Negeri Sembilan 3 Perak 3
Sarawak 1 Malacca 1
Terengganu 5 Kedah 2
Pahang 2 Perlis 2
Penang 2 Johor 1
Selangor 3 Kelantan 0