Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Most people sell their souls, and live with a good conscience on the proceeds.

That is perhaps the best way to describe those who earn a living from hockey and take others as fools who serve hockey.

The Malaysian Games just ended in Kuantan last weekend and it was deplorable to see that many of MHC top officials conspicuously missing in the VIP stands.

And ironically those paid to do work for MHC were seen celebrating with their state teams, rather than remaining neutral as what they ought to be doing.

So who are they serving, Malaysian Hockey or purely themselves? These are people who manipulate regulations to ensure that their needs and ambitions are intact. Hockey? They do not give a damn what happens to it.

Moving on there are personalities that think they own hockey just because they hold positions!

Many manipulate positions and bring in their friends when appointed to handle certain tournaments, fighting it as if it's their divine right to dictate terms.

These are personalities that lack scrotal gumption to fight their battles openly and resort to bitching ( now if only they were women they could lay claim to the defence of being a divine right).

Misusing positions to build their empire is not something new in MHC ad this is the only way many of these who greed for power look at things.

And for those who may not be aware of have been misled, no decision to shift the Razak Cup has been finalised as it was merely a proposal, as what the badly hatched plan of scrapping the MHL due to the fact that sponsors have pulled out.

Anyway there is just so much to write about as these hangers on have apparently taken sides and MHC is split down the middle.

The grand plan is to ensure that some vice presidents have to be removed and those not on the bandwagon will have to go.

Abd one last thing, please do not try to equate your ability to the late S.Satgunam. You cannot even hold a candle to him let alone be mentioned in the same breath.