Saturday, July 7, 2012


Having been alerted by several states on the calling of entries circular issued by the Secretary of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation, I requested them to forward me the areas where they were unhappy about and looked at their grouses before coming up with this posting.

Firstly there were two circulars sent out, and mistakes were glaring in both of the circulars as I attempt to make sense of what was happening and trying to digest the incompetancy of the MHC administration - which clearly misses the combined knowledge of Krishnan and Hashim.

Before we move on to the issue at hand, readers will probably be asking as to what relevance has the picture of the MHC Deputy President Raja Nooraskihin has to do with the story at hand. Well in reality the Deputy President should be hands on in the administrative areas of MHC, just as Tan Sri Alagendra was in the past. So while the MHC President looks at raising funds for the coffers of MHC, the Deputy should put the house in order.

Coming back to the Razak Cup, firstly the organisation of the 50th Razak Cup lies in the hands of Pahang HA, Therefore for Haji Johari Abd Aziz to claim that he is the Organising Secretary is groslly misleading in the circular.

Secondly many parts of the first circular sent out makes reference to MHF and at some parts MHC. This shows a very poor cut and paste job, especially when MHF ceased to exist since early this year.

Then it comes to the eligibility rule for the players. The two circulars have different eligibility criteria. The correct one was in the first circular as neither the Competition Committee, nor the MHC Executive Board or Council made changes to the eligibilit rule. The only change made was for the Indoor Tournament, a special case, not applicable for all comptitions. But perhaps the change in the eligibility was to appease a particular affiliate, leaving the other 15 out to dry.

But the most glaring mistake, unforgivable was allowing states to register 25 players for the Razak Cup. Now there was a 25 player registration last year, but that was to cater for the zonal system that has not been scrapped. So which committee on earth approved a 25 player registration or is it done to ensure KL keeps the bulk of the national players as the modified player eligibility rule favours them.

There are committees with MHC, some running well while the others dictated by some overzealous officials. The Secretary must realise that his presence is to guide the Committees and not impose his will on them lest be accussed of gross interference.

So it will be an interesting meeting of the MHC Competitions Committee on July 14 in Kuantan, as the Secretary needs to clarify on this matter and the accusation by an official of the sabotage attempt on his team in Sukma by MHC.

And to the Deputy President, it is high time to play an active role in MHC. Yes the merger may be only six months, but to me and all hockey fans, its six months wasted rather then its just six months passed. Correct the flaws, get a proper system into place and above all be seen to do something for hockey overall for there is someone lurking to take over your responsibilities should you keep thinking of just where MHC ought to be headed.