Sunday, July 1, 2012


Though some of the advisors to Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah might dispute this, the MHC constitution requires an Annual General Meeting of MHC to be held yearly.

Last October an EGM of MHC was held to amend the constitution but there was no tabling of the annual report and audited statement of accounts.

The last AGM of MHC was held in February 2011 and that was when the report and account of the previous year was tabled, for 2010.

So why has the AGM not being held? Rightfully fresh elections ought to be held as well as those currently holding office did not seek a fresh mandate after the merger of the MHF and MWHA.

So those who are misleading the President in order to safeguard their own positions better make amends so that MHC does not become an illegal body.

And word has it that Col B. Muthukumar has been now appointed to take over the responsibilities of Hashim Mohd Yusof whose last working day was June 30.

Now if this is true, then Muthu should as he says as a matter of principle vacate his position as Chairman of the MHC Umpires Board as well as all other committees he is appointed too. In addition he ought to resign as ATM Deputy President so as not to be accused as having conflict of interest.

Or is it two set of rules applied, one for friends of the Secretary who seems is more inclined to his former state in many matters!