Sunday, February 24, 2013


There is some similarities between the Malaysian Hockey Confederation and NATO. Not that the two have something in common in terms of their jurisdiction but NATO at one time was labeled No Action, Talk Only.

Well that is the same with MHC, who is just providing lip service rather then Improving the standard of hockey or governing the sport in a more professional and accountable fashion.

Just look at what happened today and readers will understand better that MHC is just lip service.

They held a long long long overdue Executive Board Meeting, the last one was held in June last year, so effectively NO meeting for the last EIGHT months.

Nevermind the fact that the Media was not informed NOR were they invited for the meeting, but this blogger was IGNORED even though waiting for TWO hours at the hotel.

NO official offered any explanation and the President was whisked away into the lift, not stopping for a few minutes to answer some pertinent questions despite the fact that the lot had tea for almost 25 minutes at the end of the meeting.

Do I feel slighted? I could not care less, hence since there is NO official announcement made after the meeting on decisions taken, let me reveal one startling fact - THAT THETE WAS A MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE TABLED AT THE MEETING AND HE WHO

There we go, now I shall try to recover my wasted Saturday and let the OFFICIAL MHC Website and the wagon full of OFFICIALS at the meeting reveal the decisions.

And yes, he MHC Deputy President was obviously upset that I rebuked her on the PROCEDURE issue that she ignored me when in the lift though I greeted her. No big loss to me really, as I await their cannons and loaded guns against me.

Give it your best shot, and for gods sake do not miss please for from now on I will not hold my horses as two can play this game.