Friday, February 15, 2013


Well to some might describe it as a case of flogging a dead horse. And to others the conclusion will be that things will never change.

However one opts to look at it, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation website is reflective of how MHC operates, lack of ideas, dull, incompetent and above everything else a reflection of the thinking ability of those who opt putting politics above the sport.

The MHC-MILO-NSC link on the site has not been updated for weeks, not even listing the fixtures for the play offs. And what is more embarrassing is that despite Kuala Langat being thrown out of the MJHL, the standings have not been updated.

Is this they type of service that the Senior Vice President provides towards Malaysian Hockey? Why are those with negative perceptions on everything now not doing anything for the website? As stated earlier these people can only talk but not deliver, as it stands they are unable to write a sentence to save their lives, what more write an article.

The whole purpose of the website propaganda was by the Senior Vice President who wanted to show her power to this blogger.

My only advice is that it's not power of dollar and cents that is required to carry out a task of keeping a website going, but PASSION, and that many in MHC sorely lack for all they do is think of plunging knives into someone's back, either through their positions or using devious methods to run down their opposition.

Really there is nothing to be proud of the MHC website as its a true reflection of the ability of MHC - which is nothing has been done for the sport. The President is powerless to act and does not enjoy the full support of his Executive Board.

So really the time has come for Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to act or as he wrote on the board in Johor Baru - Jangan Cakap Banyak, Buat Kerja. So act by doing something positive for hockey or do the next best thing, walk away from MHC.