Tuesday, February 19, 2013


That is a saying often used for cock-eyed or cross eyed people in a joke. It's in bad taste to describe a medical condition.

But it surely is a correct way to describe events with regards to what has happened of late with the national hockey team.

Some high ranking officials conspired to take away the hosting rights of the World League away from Johor Baru and being it to Kuala Lumpur. And they sought the help of the NSC Director General who jumped in with two feet.

Little did they realize that their grand plan could not work as FIH had listed Johor Baru in the award letter and not Malaysia.

The main argument put forward then was that it will be conducive to play in KL as the team trains here all the time and were familiar to their surroundings hence giving them a distinct advantage in the process of making the World Cup.

Fast forward and Malaysia will play in the Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh from March 9 to March 17 at the blue pitch of the Stadium Azlan Shah..

They will take on New Zealand in two matches, on March 4 and March 5, in Malacca. Yes you read that right, in Malacca, purportedly for a charity that no one knows of. And who made this decision as when the question was posed to the national team officials, it was a standard reply, the MHC requested.

So we train in Kuala Lumpur, play matches to prepare in Malacca and participate in a tournament in Ipoh.

Judge by yourself if the earlier argument of familiarity of moving the World League makes any sense at all. It was an ill conceived conspiracy that hits some smack in their face now that matches are to be played in Malacca.

And just who is MHC? A collective body or run by individuals that have personal vendettas instead of thinking for the good of hockey?

Wonder what the personal opinion of the NSC Director General is on his issue since it does not make sense.