Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Johor Baru could well lose the rights to host the World Hockey League semi finals that are scheduled to be held from 27th June to 7th July this year.

The decision however is not made by the International Hockey Federation who only last week sent out a Press Release with regards to the hosts for the semi final stages of the World League.

But it is a certain group of personalities that have now roped in National Sports Council Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong to lead the call to move the event from Johor Baru to Kuala Lumpur.

While Zolkples may have noble intentions, even in calling for what he claims to be a "discussion" and not a meeting of select few on Wednesday to come up with the proposal, having got the nod from Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, the plan however is sinister to say the least.

Before even considering it, Zolkples should look at the awarding of the hosting rights, which was given to a city by FIH and not Malaysia overall. This is clearly stated in the FIH release and there is also a clause in the FIH regulations. Perhaps the intellectuals failed to highlight this to Zolkples.

Then there is an issue as to why NSC is taking a lead role in trying to organize a tournament and in the process usurp the powers of a National Sports Association?

This is not healthy for the development of Malaysian sports or hockey in particular and of all people Zolkples should tread carefully as he is being sucked into the murky waters of MHC politics

The argument that these personalities have put forward is that the team stands to benefit more by having the event in Kuala Lumpur. While on the same subject where was this clarion call when Malacca was given the rights to host the Junior Asia Cup which was the qualifier for the Junior World Cup?

Or why is there no discussions held to move the Asia Cup this August from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur since it offers a place to the 2014 World Cup?

Roll back the years and Kuala Lumpur did host the 1997 World Cup Qualifiers that saw Malaysia make the 1998 Utrecht World Cup. But over the years no major tournament has been held in Kuala Lumpur and MHC needs to ask and blame itself.

When MHC cannot even organize the MHL and MJHL properly, how will the incompetent personalities that occupy positions be able to handle a major world event?

Can MHC assure that funding will not be an issue? Can they assure that the stands will be filled up?

While we all want to see Malaysia make the World Cup, which this blog is certain they will, let's not resort to underhand methods to push for personal agendas.

Johor has its limitations, the major factor being the pitch as it is not fit for such an event as the drainage system is badly flawed.

It also has fan issues as its only when Malaysia plays, and wins mind you, that the fans continue to throng the venue.

It's best that Zolkples actually sits down and discusses with Johor included in the "discussion" to come out with a win win situation rather then be a pawn in the political game in MHC.

When FIH offered Malaysia to bid for the host job, all shied away but Johor. So why are these officials now all so worked up to move it to Kuala Lumpur?

If its national interest, then Zolkples should also ask these so called newly found friends of his why is the Women Asia Cup this October being given to Selangor Hockey to organize and not by MHC itself?

Let us not be flip flop and be consistent in our decisions. There cannot be two set of rules here and NSC should stay clear of hidden agendas by unscrupulous personalities that now are resorting to the popular phrase "baling batu sembunyo tangan" syndrome.

And while on this same subject, were the Junior World Cup accounts in 2009 actually submitted and made public? And who were the Directors of a company set up in Singapore which so called managed the SIN 250,000 sponsorship given by a bank as title sponsor ?

Making money from hockey, be it via hosting events or selling artificial pitches is the fashion these days. Wonder why the "recording" official has failed to produce minutes of the Competitions Committee as well.

And have you heard of the story in MJHL where one team turned up and the other failed to as they claim that MHC failed to inform them.

And we talk about hosting World events. Do the sensible thing Zolkples, steer clear of these self centered officials for you have enough on your plate.