Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Reading the newspapers today further enhances the theory that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation really do not know what they are talking about

There were contradictions in the statements made in The Star newspaper today.

While rejecting the appeal by UniKL Young Guns to move their match by two hours, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, due to SSTMI claiming that their players had to rush back for school the next day, it was perplexing to note their stand when it came to the situation affecting MD Kuala Langat.

" I am puzzled that they can play on Wednesday but not on Monday because their players have to attend school too," said MHC Competition Chairman M.Gobinathan.

Yet the same official had disregarded the appeal of UniKL which would actually promote hockey on grounds that SSTMI had school to attend.

"The match will be played at 5pm as scheduled," said Gobinathan.

So really if MHC wants SSTMI to win so badly that they shifted goalposts several times to accommodate SSTMI, they might as well hand the trophies to them now.

Why bother with Fair Play when you cannot practice what you preach.