Saturday, February 2, 2013


There is a strong possibility that Pakistani national players will not be allowed to play in the forthcoming Malaysian Hockey League.

Speaking at the sidelines of the Asian Hockey Federation Council meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary Asif Bajwa said that they had to study the situation carefully in wake of several incidents in the past.

There were several Pakistan players that played in the MHL last season, notably Shakeel Abbasi, Waseem Ahmad and Muhammad Imran.

" We are rather concerned as the players form drops drastically when they return from playing in the MHL," revealed Asif.

" And as such we need to discuss matters first with the MHC before granting any approval.

" Our concern is the form of our players and also if the MHL is run professionally."

Another concern of Pakistan is that their forthcoming series against India that will be played over March and April.

Thus Pakistan is rather apprehensive about sending its top players to Malaysia.

"We will host India somewhere in late March and they will play hosts in April, said Asif.

"Hence we will not grant the approval for the players to play in Malaysia as the matches against India have a great significance."

A total of 11 teams have confirmed participation in the MHL that will commence from March 12 till May 12.

It is believed that Maybank are in negotiations to secure five players to beef up their squad.

Another team that utilizes players from the sub continent is Nur Insafi and Sapura.