Monday, August 24, 2009


Chua Boon Huat has decided not to play in the New Zealand hockey league for Midlands Hockey Club. And his decision to carry on with the national team still remains unanswered.

Though he had initially agreed to terms, Chua's change of mind is as a result of him venturing into the business world, and he made the choice to put his business career ahead of his hockey playing career.

"The offer was good but I have to decline as I feel that my presence here is more important as it is my bread and butter in the long term," said Chua when met over lunch.

"It is not as if I am not going to say no to play overseas from now on as I am keeping my options open and an opportunity to play in the competetive Dutch league will be good for my career. So really its all about the timing and the offer."

While Chua has declined, it is believed that another player, Azlan Misron has decided to play in the NZ league. Azlan had recently quit the national team though the MHF has yet to verify this.

Chua said that he has yet to decide on his position in the national team after having been left out of the Australian and New Zealand tours.

"I will report for training next week and will only make a decision after that," said Chua who has 306 international caps to his credit.

"Really there is just so much to think about with regards to the national team. It is up to the coach to determine if I am required in the team or am surplus to his requirements.

"I feel I can contribute but staying on in the national team will depend on several factors and that is something that can only be answered when I resume training."