Friday, August 28, 2009


There is no confirmation nor has the draw been done and New Zealand could well upset Australia and make the World Cup on merit thus rendering the qualifiers in NZ as a non starter.

But with 17 out of the 18 teams decided, with the exception of Oceania rep is to be decided and based on the preliminary result we have to assume that NZ will play and host one of the qualifiers. So who will play where and if the assesment of this source is to be believed then the team distribution will be as follows:

Qualifier in France
Pakistan, France, Japan, Egypt, Austria, Chile

Qualifer in New Zealand
China, New Zealand, Malaysia, Poland, Scotland, Wales

Qualifier in Argentina
Belgium, Ireland, Argentina, Czech Rep, Russia, USA

These are merely the opinion of a friend within the fraternity so let's pray for Malaysia it is true.