Monday, August 24, 2009


Have stayed away from the blog for the past few days to see what others had to say about the Razak Cup, and Mlaysian hockey in particular.

Well for starters, no one had the wisdom to blame MHF and its policies, preferring to remain "safe", no matter what some officials within MHF do to destroy the sport. I do not blame them for not wanting to highlight issues as it is akin knocking ones head to the wall, nothing will change, MHF will be as they are - NOT AT ALL BOTHERED, while the affiliates will just be the same, KEEPING MUM.

I could play the same game, keep quiet and let things be, but the readers have to understand that hockey is on the same path as football, and if left unchecked, it will be a case of how low we can go.

Let's look at some of the things that MHF have done, or rather not done over the past weeks>


I ask this because it will be a case of being penny wise pound foolish. Take for example the decision of MHF to set conditions for the Asian Hockey Federation to host the Asian Champions Trophy in Malaysia in January next year.

The decision is downright ridiculous, short sighted to say the least and puts into jeopardy our image amongst other countries. I will list down several points for the readers to think about:

- What is there to stop AHF from hosting the tournament on their own in Malaysia?

- Why did we not appeal for reduction of sanction fees for the Junior World Cup?

- Why are we not keen in hosting the event on the proposed dates?

- Was the President briefed on the imlications and was the Nat Team consulted?

- What do we have to lose if we held the tournament on those dates and those terms?

Malaysia has NOT qualified for the March 2010 World Cup, so assuming that we do not qualify, the tournament will help us gain some valuable ranking points that will help us ahead of the World Cup. Looking at things we will be ranked 18 at the end of the Champions Challenge 1 this December, so did anyone in the MHF think about this?

If we DO qualify, the tournament will be good preparation for the team in gearing for the World Cup. But then again as some in MHF tend to wish, that India will not host the World Cup and Malaysia will make it via backdoor, that's how they hope Malaysian hockey progresses, through shoddy details, akin hoping that terrorism helps us progress.

So MHF says the dates are not conducive? If that is the case then are the MHF thinking of hosting the Azlan Shah Cup in January, cos if they do, its funny that AHF, and in particular Sultan Azlan Shah, who is the President of AHF is not aware of the matter.

But then again, where is the MHF calendar for 2010, well if you ask me, they are all waiting for the qualifiers this November and there after for some lunatic to create chaos in India so Malaysia gets to host the World Cup, who cares right if its via the back door?