Thursday, August 20, 2009


Talented sportsmen who want a career and at the same time can look at joining the Armed Forces. Such openings are available to them via the National Defence University or Universiti Pertahanan Malaysia.

Major Jen Datuk Aziz Ibrahim, who is the Assistant Ketua Staff Perkhidmatan Am, said that the Armed Forces were keen on providing such opportunities to sportsmen and their doors were always open should the youngsters opt for a career in the Armed`Forces.

He revealed this after witnessing Armed Forces defeated Singspore 3-0 to win the Division Two title and in the process gaining promotion to Division One of the Tun Razak Cup competition.

"We welcome those who want to join the Armed Forces and there are ample opportunities available to the sportsmen", said Major Jen Datuk Aziz.

"They should be between 18 to 23 and have the necessary qualifications and we will. give them a priority for places in the university."

He also revealed that the current Armed Forces hockey team was built over two years and comprised of those who were already in the Armed Forces with an average age of 24.

And with the success of civilian coach K.Rajan leading the team to the title, he said that they had every intention of keeping this going in the future.