Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After having touched on the fact that Razak Cup is in no way contributing to the development of hockey, lets move to the Malaysian Hockey Federation and see how they look at the importance of Razak Cup.

Firstly the dates were moved, from November to August to fit in the World Cup Qualifiers, why was this done, no one knows as the national players could not play if it was held in November and nor are the players available for the ongoing tournament.

Secondly the tournament had to be played at various venues as MHF had not booked the facilities, that was how MAS got the Tun Razak pitch on Saturday and KL/Johor finished their match around 1045pm. Why hold an event in KL when it could have been held in Kuantan, Johor or Ipoh where there are two pitches side by side?

Thirdly the format of the competition leaves much to be desired. States only knew about the Project Team playing sometime in June and MHF could have had a eight team division one rather then having an odd number. The distribution of teams thus created a problem and Sabah played four matches and wasted thousands of ringgit. This could have been avoided if MHF had opted for eight teams in each divisions and each team got to play a minimum seven matches. Why bother with placing matches?

Just how serious are MHF with the player/official registration? Just look at the IC numbers to determine where a player qualifies to play, but then again were there any release letters to start with?

Next we go on to qualification of coaches. It was minuted and confirmed by the MHF Coaching Chairman that the coaches of Razak Cup teams must by Level Three. Just how many of the coaches are Level 3? Who checked on this? For states who do not have level 3, MHF can give an exemption but also help ensure an active coach from that state attends a Level 3 course.

The Competition Rules are a joke as there was no provision to determine the winners of the placing matches in the rules, only the final was stated where extra time and penalty strokes were to be used to determine a winner. Why was there no such rules for the placing matches? For the MHL some officials were adamant that UniKL can play although not affiliated, this is the price one pays for copy and paste tricks.

There is no medical coverage, no ambulance can be seen. When asked there are claims that the medical personel are there, but no stretcher is visible. If its an international event, the whole works will be there, lets blame ISN on this shall we.

Am saving the best for last, only two media are covering the Razak Cup, so what is the MHF Media Committee under the leadership of the MHF Deputy President doing about it. Well they could not even provide wifi, and I have been kind enough to let the media use my account. Getting results is a nightmare as only one MHF staff does it. And that too from two venues..

So is it relevant for Razak Cup to be held with such shoddy treatment?