Monday, August 31, 2009


The fact that Tai Beng Hai took on the job of national coach just four months prior to the Asia Cup shows that he does not fit into the profile of a coward.

And the fact that as a player, Beng Hai played despite pain during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics shows that he has strong personality and is no quitter.

This is how the National Sports Institute Director General Dato Dr. Ramlan Aziz looks at the qualities of under fire coach Beng Hai who spoke his mind about the national team during an interview with this blog last week that saw two MHF officials making statements unbecoming of their stature.

While MHF Deputy President Nur Azmi Ahmad said that Beng Hai was a coward for saying that Malaysia will find it tough to make the 2010 World Cup, MHF coaching committee chairman Dr. Balbir Singh said it was high time the national team sought the services of a shrink.

And Ramlan was not at all pleased with the statement of Balbir as he had not gathered his facts before coming out with such a statement.

"It is unfair to say that Beng Hai is a coward just because he spoke his mind and was honest about his opinion," said Ramlan.

"We have to be honest and view the statement objectively and see how best we can support the coach instead of lambasting him as if there is no tomorrow.

"As for the services of the psychologist, the NSI has provided one to the team, though not on a permanent basis and it is really up to the coaches to utilise him. As it stands there are no problems on this aspect so I really cannot understand where Balbir is coming from."

Ramlan said that Beng Hai has a good working relationship with him and has often held discussions on the preparation of the team, especially on the fitness aspects.

"I find Beng Hai very meticulous in his preparation of the team and he understands the values of sports science," said Ramlan.

"So I hope that some people will stop questioning his ability and preparation but rather channel the energy to help him realise the teams potential instead of taking pot shots at him.

"It is vital that we support the coaches and understand where that statement was coming from instead of making unfounded allegations."