Monday, August 17, 2009


Malaysia have been offered to be the host of the inaugural Asian Champions Trophy after Pakistan pulled out of hosting the event that was scheduled for September this year.

Asian Hockey Federation Hon. Secretary Tan Sri P. Alagendra said that the AHF Council that met last month in China had agreed to offer the host job to Malaysia and a letter to this effect was sent to the Malaysia Hockey Confederation on July 29.

"We are awaiting the decision of the MHC after which we will decide the next course of action should Malaysia decline," said Alagendra.

"The tournament will go on as we believe that the Asian teams need more competetive matches and it will also serve as a perfect preparation for the World Cup that will be held in March."

The tournament is to feature the top four teams of the recent Asia Cup, South Korea, Pakistan, China and Malaysia.

"We have proposed early January as the most suitable dates for the tournament and hope that Malaysia responds positively," said Alagendra.

Malaysia is expected to make a decision when the Management Committee of MHF meets on Tuesday.