Monday, November 30, 2009


The terminology "flip flop" was often used to describe the previous administration of our country. And by the looks of things, the Malaysian Hockey Federation seems to be gaining the popular choice to take over the mantle.

In describing the constant change of decisions made by the MHF, it is appropriate to utilise this terminology as baffling, ridiculous and down right mind blowing seems to lose its edge as MHF has clearly carved a name for itself to be deserving of such an accolade.

First the MHF, or rather now it is being revealed that the Coaching Committee, allowed national coaches to take charge of teams in the MHL. A letter to that effect was issued by the Coaching Chairman to the MHF Secretariat.

Then we read that the issue was raised at the MHF AGM in Kuantan last Saturday and the decision was reversed. And tomorrow we could well see another reversal, flip flop, flip, flop.

Before we proceed further, a point to note - the Coaching Chairman I am told issued the letter without calling for a formal meeting of the Coaching Committee or its Standing Committee. So what made the Chairman issue such a letter and why did the MHF Secretariat not tell him to get the endorsement from his committee?

The reason I raise this is because HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahad Shah, the President of MHF was put in a difficult situation when this matter, about coaches being released, was raised at the AGM by one of the affiliates.

Another question that has been left unanswered is who in the first place requested the Chairman of the Coaching Committee to issue such a letter? Was the Chairman coerced after being told that the NSC had given its permission to the coaches? If so then where is this letter by NSC.

Thirdly, was there any formal applications from the coaches themselves seeking permission to handle teams in the MHL? And who were these letters addressed to - the MHF or NSC, who are their paymasters.

The most important factor here is while the NSC are the paymasters, the MHF are policy makers and rightfully they should not have waited till a week before the MHL gets underway to make such a decision. MHF being run professionally these days - well I leave that to the readers to determine.

If the MHF Secretariat had done their work in accordance with the MHF Constitution, then such an issue will not have arisen in the very first place. And now the Coaching Committee is scheduled to meet on the issue on Tuesday.

And this is what their outcome will be - that the Assistant Coaches in the National set up will be allowed to be involved with clubs in the MHL while the Chief Coaches will sit it out. I will label this decision as unfair, unjust and undemocratic.

One of the Assistant coaches receives a far higher monthly allowance from the NSC compared to the Chief Coach of the Project 2013 team. So those three words aptly describe why I feel the decision is downright mind blowing.

Is trying to earn extra income wrong? Especially so when what you get paid is peanuts. So do the just and fair thing and evaluate the coaches on a case to case basis rather then a blanket ban on them from coaching clubs. After all this is the MHL and only the senior national coaches will be involved in trying to spot players (if any) for the national squad.

The age group coaches, rightfully, should never be allowed to coach state or club teams in the MHF tournaments, period.