Monday, November 2, 2009


There has been much debate with regards to the groupings for the 2nd Boy's Under 18 Asia Cup scheduled from 11th to 22nd November 2009 in Myanmar.

The bone of contention from the Malaysian side has been as to the placing of India and Pakistan in Pool A, together with Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Chinese Taipei. Pool B comprises of Bangladesh, Japan, Koea, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand.

Malaysia reckons that India and Pakistan should not be in the same pool as them going by the results of the 1st Asia Cup held in 2001 in Ipoh.For the record, the final standings of teams in the 1st Under 18 Asia Cup is as follows:

Champion: India
RunnerUp: Uzbekistan
Third: Malaysia
Fourth: Korea
Fifth: Japan
Sixth: Chinese Taipei
Seventh: Singapore

However the AHF took into consideration the rankings in the Junior Asia Cup of 2004 and 2008 before determining the groups for this tournament. Having accumulated all the ranking points, the list looks like this:

1) India : 60 points
2) Korea : 53 points
3) Japan : 46 points
4) Malaysia : 45 points
5) Pakistan : 45 points
6) Bangladesh : 33 points
7) Singapore : 31 points
8) Chinese Taipei : 27 points
9) Sri Lanka : 19 points
10) Thailand : 6 points
11) Myanmar : 0 points

Given that groupings are decided by the sequence 1,4,5,8,9, hence Malaysia is in the same group as Pakistan and India. In reality Malaysia should not have a problem defeating the two countries for to make it to the Youth Olympics next year, we have to end up as Champions in Myanmar and really we have to defeat every team that stands in our way.