Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Malaysia has lodged a complaint with regards to the standard of umpiring in their match against New Zealand, which they lost 4-2.

While it was not a formal protest, team manager George Koshy made his point clear to Tournament Director Satinder Dhillon that Malaysia were victims of poor umpiring decisions.

The Malaysian camp was incensed with the two set of rules applied by the umpires, Colin Hutchinson of Ireland and Marcin Grochal of Poland, both of whom were guilty of letting off players from the home team for tackles and unsporting like behavior.

Dean Couzins should have been sent off for mocking Azlan Misron with monkey sounds after the Kiwis scored the second goal. However Grochal opted to give him a verbal warning though the incident occurred right in front of him.

However the Malaysians were punished for rather innocuous incidents that did not warrant yellow cards had the umpires been fair in their approach towards the match.

The two yellow cards that the Malaysian camp is disputing were flashed to Mohd Shukri Abdul Mutalib and skipper Mohd Madzli Ikmar in the 56th and 70th minutes respectively.

While Shukri received the card for a harsh decision of playing the ball above his shoulder, the incident involving Madzli was more bizarre.

Jiwa Mohan and Simon Child were involved in a scuffle that saw players from both sides sizing each other up, with a lot of shoving and pushing. The two umpires lost the plot and tried to figure out who the two players that started the fracas.

And since the rules imply that the skipper was responsible towards the conduct of his players, Madzli who at that time was on the bench, was shown the yellow card. As a result Malaysia had to withdraw a player from the pitch and Azlan Misron left the field.

But none of the New Zealand players were sent off for the incident, which showed that the umpires were not fit to umpire a match of such importance.