Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Skippers Corner

Mohd Madzli Ikmar

The two matches, against Austria and Wales have been a case pf reality check for us as we struggled against teams that we could defeat with ease in the past.

And the players got together after the Wales match and we had a chat on areas that we need to improve on.

The most vital area is communication on the pitch as there is a tendency to just keep quiet instead of asking for the ball.

Back to the match against New Zealand, we are aware that we take the field as underdogs and are okay with that tag as there is less pressure on us.

Having played New Zealand in August, we know their strengths as well as weakness and playing a familiar foe has its advantages as there will not be an element of surprise.

The forwards have to start making use of the chances that come their way as we just cannot defend all the time. Creating penalty corners is something that we lack and I do hope we can get some in this match as we have good variations that can result in goals.

Technically we can match the home team and it is the mental state that we need to conquer as we have what it takes to win the match and keeping on track our aspirations to play in the World Cup next year.

The weather has been unkind, but lets take the wind out of the picture and go for a win.