Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The father of national coach Tai Beng Hai, Tai Chin Seng, 77 years old passed away after an accident in Taiping on Monday night.

Beng Hai had left with the national team for Invercargill for the World Cup Qualifiers and is taking a flight back to attend the funeral which will be held on Thursday at 12.30pm. Beng Hai is expected to arrive in KLIA on Wednesday night and will return to New zealand on Thursday night after the last rites and funeral service is completed.

The late Tai Chin Seng was riding a bicycle and was knocked down by a motorcyclist. He suffered a head injury and an operation was performed to remove the blood clot in his head before he succumbed to the injuries late Monday night.

Our heartfelt condolences to Beng Hai and his family and may the soul of his departed father rest in peace. Let us all give Beng Hai support in his hour of grief.