Friday, November 13, 2009


It was a bizarre incident that should not have happened at this level of international hockey.

As the seconds were ticking away during the Malaysia and Scotland match, 23.4 seconds left on the clock, the hooter sounded from the technical table.

While the Malaysian players started celebrating as they scrapped past the Scottish side 3-2, there was utter confusion at the technical bench for the official in charge of the time keeping, Jeff Brown from New Zealand, had accidentally pressed to hooter, thus bringing to halt the proceedings.

“It was a malfunction of the equipment and it should not have happened at this level,” said Tournament Director Sarinder Dhillon.

“I am glad that the two teams showed good sporting spirit and the match was concluded without any issue arising from the unfortunate incident.”

Though it may be considered as a mistake, the two umpires were also guilty of confusing the teams further by their delay in re-starting the match. Scotland were rightfully aggrieved at Satinder Kumar of India and Saleem Aaron of USA as they re-started the match with the bully at the wrong location as Scotland were in full flight, near the Malaysian semi circle, but the match was re-started on the left.

And the technical bench, maybe in their way of appeasing the Scots, played an extra seven seconds but Malaysia managed to hang on.

In another development, the Sarinder Dhillon has confirmed that he will review the yellow card issued to Malaysian skipper Mohd Madzli Ikmar in the match against New Zealand.

“The card stands for now but should the said player receive another yellow card and faces suspension, I will take into account the decision made on the yellow card incident before deciding if the player warrants any suspension,” said Dhillon.

“I have clarified this issue with the Malaysian Team Manager (George Koshy) after he met me to discuss some issues arising from the match against New Zealand. I have taken note of is concerns and rest assured we will review it should the need arise.”