Tuesday, November 10, 2009


While the Malaysians have the best in terms of preparation and participation, they should look at things other teams go through just to be at the World Cup Qualifiers here in Invercargill.

Wales had to fund their way to the qualifiers with each player having to fork out 1,600 pounds each, which works out to approximately RM10,000 each.

And with none of the players being professionals, they had to take leave from their jobs and in the process some of them lose out more financially.

On the other hand, the Malaysians train full time, have two cooks to prepare their meals, a nutritionist to look into their dietary requirements, a masseur, a physiotherapist and a Medical Assistant to look into their health issues.

“We do not have a huge amount of funding and most of it is used up for participation in the European tournaments,” said Welsh coach Zak Jones.

“We aim to gain experience and gain promotion into the Euro Hockey Nations Championships as we are in the second division right now. And after that it is the Commonwealth Games that we aim to do well in.”