Sunday, August 21, 2011


This blog had promised yesterday that it will reveal some issues that were raised during the MHF Management and Council meetings held on Saturday.

And in our first segment we reveal the double standards practiced by the 1 Mas administration and Task Force, which headed by NSC Director General Dato Zolkples Embong, has since be re-named the Steering Committee.

Yayasan Negri Sembilan had signed up K.Rajan to take charge of their team in the forthcoming MHL.

But it is learnt that 1 Mas Project Director Lim Chow Chuan informed KLHA that Rajan cannot take up the appointment as he is the head coach for the 1 Mas Program in KL. Rajan this had to either relinquish his coaching job, which in actual fact is a part time job, with the 1 Mas or decline the YNS offer.

Now the NS Hockey Association representative raised this matter at the Council meeting and asked why 1 Mas had practiced double standards as the Project Director himself had coached the National U16 squad since April this year .

As expected, Ken Pereira, who is the Chairman of the Development Committee and sits on the 1 Mas Steering Committee retorted that it was different. And he even defended his Project Director for leaving the inaugural camp in June to take the National Under 16 team to Germany.

This is clearly a case of double standards practiced by 1 Mas as was the case in the last MHL where the then Development Officer Shaiful Azli was allowed to coach the UITM team in the MHL but K.Balakrishnan was forced to vacate his 1 Mas post in Malacca when he took up a coaching role with Sapura.

And the tale gets even more murkier as Dato R. Yogeswaran had, as reported in the 1 Mas Task Force Minutes, raised his concern with regards to the Project Director taking up the coaching position while rightfully he should be concentrating on his responsibilities to the 1 Mas Program.

That Ken Pereira is double standards and while we value the contributions of the Project Director, it should be a case of what's right for me is not right for you.

And before I forget, the issue of coaches in the various national teams being involved in teams in the MHL was also raised. And the decision was none of the coaches getting paid by MHF or NSC can be involved with teams in the MHL.

So the likes of Tai Beng Hai, Nor Saiful Zaini, K. Dharmaraj, K. Gobinathan, Not Azlan Bakar, Lim Chiow Chuan, Lailin Abu Hassan and also Saju Joseph should not been seen in the vicinity of the team benches, changing rooms or training sessions right.

And to enforce this the MHF needs a Task Force, or better still a Steering Committee that will close one eye lah.