Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well the same very coach that called some members of the media to campaign for the MHL to be postponed, claiming that the national players will not benefit from playing in the league, that his program will be affected in preparing a team capable of winning the Olympic Qualifier, that clubs will not support the national cause, has now made a complete U turn by wanting national players to compete in the MHL for their respective clubs.

At the Joint Committee Meeting between NSC and MHF, where coaches of all national teams were in attendance, Tai Beng Hai made a peculiar request, that the MHL be held in the five week duration, as was the original decision and that national players be allowed to play in the MHL and that they will be in national training but released to play for their clubs.

This U turn is indeed baffling for someone who claims that he stands by his decision. And since you have made such a drastic U turn, this blog challenges Tai Beng Hai to select the best players to represent the country and not only players that will adhere to rules drawn up by him and his assistant coaches.

Well for the information of readers, there was a meeting between TNB and MHF a week ago and even though TNB, being the sponsors of the league, had put pressure on MHF to postpone the MHL as they will be affected by the ban on national players participating, MHF officials stood firm, despite the fact that the national assistant coach sat on the opposite side of the discussions, wearing the cap of hid employers, although his current employers are the MHF.

So why and what has brought about the U turn by TBH?

The fact that MHF opted to send out information on the eligibility of national players following the decision at NSC this morning also raises another question. Are there committees in MHF and what I'd their jurisdiction?

Is the decision of those in the NSC/MHF committee binding or should they have let the matter bs decided by the Competitions Committee?

Let's leave those issues for a different discussion as we ponder why TBH has now made a U turn, when even reasoning with him at the terraces during the Razak Cup in Malacca irked him to such an extent that he made it clear he will not speak to this blog.

So TBH please go to the media and state your case as to why you dud a U turn now when really you could have handled things better.

And yes on that excuse that you constantly bring up when Malaysia fails / that you are building a team for the future/ well your target is the Olympics and not the future.

Maybe this U turn is to buy insurance should we fail as you will have a ready made excuse.