Saturday, August 20, 2011


Remember that national coach Tai Beng Hai stated that he never opposed to national players playing in the MHL? Well just read the email he sent and decide the truth and fiction please. It makes it very clear that over time he has changed his mind. Now if this email was re-worded differently, then there was no necessity for any form of confusion, as stated by some clubs in today's NST.

Now had TBH stated that conditions were to be imposed on clubs with regards to the players release and attendance of training and that he had no objections to the MHL being held, then there would not have been an issue.

The issue is simple, why shift the goalposts now coach? All you had to do was state your stand from the beginning, simple. If now you say national players can play and that conditions need to be attached to them being released, then there would not have been such a fiasco. 

To: GM MHF , steve, koshy , saiful zaini , N Azlan
Cc: Dato' Azmi, Zainal, Arrifin Ghani

Dear All,

Further to the Council Meeting in Seremban, I would like to put forward the National team program for approval.

Looking at the events leading to the lack of matches going into the CC1 and thereafter the Olympic Qualifier, I as Head Coach of the National Hockey Team would like to recommend that the MHL to be postponed as recommended by the NTMC.

At the meeting, both the Senior Team and Junior Team Management have collectively propose and recommend to the Chairman of NTMC that this season MHL league to be postponed allow both teams the best chance to achieve the KPIs set in the MHF Strategic Plan.

1. The attach proposal are based on the players condition during the SAS Cup after the last MHL League. At this moment we are behind the timeline in our preparation and lack of games going into the OQ.

2. The minimum 5 weeks requested may not be sufficient. The minimum 2 days condition to train with the National program may cause injury.

3. The big possibility of clubs/players providing reasons for not attending training may continue.

 Attached the senior team's 2011-2012 proposed plans. The 2011 and especially 2012 may require further improvements.