Saturday, August 20, 2011


How ironic MHF has turned out to be. For the affiliates, who in reality are those who make up MHF, were housed at the Olympic Hotel while the office bearers of MHF, the very same persons who were voted into office by these same affiliates enjoyed themselves as they were provided accommodation at the regal Royale Chulan Hotel.

Why on earth there are different standards baffles everyone, especially when the office bearers actually are also from states, perks that go with the position looks more likely.

And it does not stop there for the powers of the affiliates who form the council has also been usurped by the MHF Management Committee as well, for many decisions affecting the states with regards to domestic competitions were brushed aside by the Management Committee with the Council today merely a rubber stamping body,

Serves you right affiliates for changing the constitution blindly, have you not heard the adage, power corrupts , absolute power corrupts absolutely.