Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The main stream media had reported yesterday that the MHF had set a top four finish, or in other words will be happy with a fourth placing at the inaugural AHF Champions Trophy in Ordos early September.

Despite unveiling a six year plan only months ago, the target is surely a shame for a team that 10 months ago collected a silver medal at the Asian Games.

The lofty target will definitely be welcomed by coach Tai Beng Hai as finishing fourth is an easy target.

Malaysia were runners-up at the Asiad, so has our standards dropped so fast within a 10 month period or has the MHF now changed it's mind and states that our silver medal last November was not really an indication of our ability but merely a flash in the pan?

By setting such a target, some officials within MHF are making a mockery of the plan that they unveiled in January, a plan that they have published on the MHF website, a plan that even they have no confidence in.

So where does that leave Malaysian hockey?

If we want to progress then we ought to aim high, not set targets that are of lower standards and then claim that the target was achieved.

The team has benefitted from playing in the Azlan Shah and had a twenty day playing tour of Europe and not forgetting the five Test matches against Japan.

Are we lacking in confidence that we have set a top four finish as the target?

Will the coach be brave enough to change the target to a top four finish or is he comfortable with the insurance that MHF has bought for him?

And why is it that everyone just sat back and accepted the target of a top four finish at Ordos?

Will heads roll if the team finishes in the fifth or sixth spot? Or will it be the same excuse that we are trying out certain things, players not used to the system of play , lacked finishing, our planning was not satisfactory, too much rats cookies, players did not follow game plan or simply admitting that the best players were not at the tournament representing Malaysia?

Whatever it us MHF has bought the insurance and paid for the premium as well for the coaching staff as well as for themselves for Malaysia has no business finishing lower then the target. After all we are the second best in Asia if one cares to remember.