Thursday, August 25, 2011


With Belgium booking an automatic spot in the 2012 London Olympics after edging Spain for a place in the last four of the European Championships, the question for FIH to ponder is what will become of the Olympic Qualifier that was to be held in Belgium in March next year.

Already having issues with India to resolve, as there are two governing bodies there, the latest development of Belgium securing an automatic spot places FIH in a peculiar situation as they now have to find venues for TWO qualifiers.

The Malaysian bid was rejected as MHF had failed to submit a joint bid, to host both the men's and women's qualifier.

And now there is not one but two possibilities for Malaysia to play host.

However the decision by MHF to delay their merger from MHF and MWHA from September to December could well have put paid to our hopes of hosting the qualifier as this blog understands that even the approval for holding the Sultan Johor Cup was conditional.

Any comments MHF?