Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There seems to be growing discontent with the manner in which the 1 MAS Program is being run.

After being taken to task by Negri Sembilan Hockey Association at the council meeting on the different standards that apply to staff and coaches that are involved in coaching, it seems more trouble is brewing with regards to the 1 Mas camp that was held in Seremban in June.

While the Chairman of the MHF Development Committee Ken Pereira had gone on record to thank NSHA for their assistance in helping with the hosting of the said camp, the written report , presented at the Council meeting however had not too kind words to say about the hosts.

And this has riled up NSHA and MHF Vice President M. Gobinathan.

" We are writing to the Task Force to seek clarification with regards to the report that amongst others label us as unfit hosts', said Gobinathan who is also the Assistant Manager of the National Team.

" We were not aware of the contents of the report as it was only given to us at the meeting and it's not easy to go through a 70 page Council documents in a matter of minutes.

" Having read the report, we are shocked at it's contents despite us extending our co-operation.

" What irks us more is the fact that the person who wrote the report was not even present at the camp for the duration of the entire program.

" And on the top of that our President, who happens to be the Menteri Besar of NS was not even invited to the launch as well as the dinner that night.

" And not surprisingly there was Jo mention of the fight and throwing of files between staff of the 1 Mas Program."

It will be interesting to see how the Task Force or now known as the Steering Committee looks at this development as the Post Mortem report would surely have been presented and endorsed by them.

And in a related development it is also perplexing to note that the MHF Treasurer finds it difficult to be included as a full member of the Task Force/Steering Committee as stated in the minutes.

With all payments being the responsibility of the MHF Hon. Treasurer, the delay or rather keeping him out of the committee infers that there is something to hide and if transparency is the key word, then the Chairman of the Committee Dato Zolkples Embong would surely have no qualms about making that decision.