Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Former Olympian and World Cupper Ow Soon Kooi is now the President of the Penang Hockey Association.

His appointment into the position was ratified at the AGM of Penang HA on December 17, the same day that saw the demise of the Malaysian Hockey Federation.

Soon Kooi who is also an appointed independent member of the MHF, takes over the mantle of President from Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad who stepped down in July following his work commitments as the Malaysian Ambassador to Philippines.

"I will likely decline the position of independent member should I be appointed for the MHC council," said Soon Kooi.

"This is to prevent others from perceiving that I may have vested or peculiar interest and wish to concentrate solely on Penang hockey.

" I have myself a term to improve hockey in Penang both in terms of performance and finances and hope that all involved will work alongside me."

Soon Kooi was a product of Penang Free School and while is soft spoken he never holds back from stating his opinion on issues that affect Malaysian hockey, especially during MHF Management Committee meetings.

While it will be a loss for MHF, the fact that Soon Kooi is now President of an affiliate will give him more voice to raise issues as opposed to him being told by an MHF official that his "appointed" position was just that, and could not raise the well being of hockey at meetings.