Friday, December 9, 2011


Well some say it's better late then never. But the reality is that people paid to do their jobs just do not do what they are paid to do.

Some two weeks after the win at a tournament in Perth, news was sent to the media, that too selected media as was the case in June when they had the 1MAS camp in Seremban, and history repeated itself as this blog- deemed insignificant - was not sent a release.

And the news finally has made print. So now they will sit and celebrate that they have done their jobs.

But with 6 officials in Perth, not counting some others who were there in an unofficial capacity , it is a wonder that in this modern era news only was shared by those paid to do so some two weeks later.

Perhaps they still use the old method of having a messenger run from Perth back to Malaysia or the postman on the horse.

Anyway as this insignificant blog had reported two weeks ago, read the news in the NST today.

And another point to note, this blogger has now been entrusted by the owner and the man who developed the www.jockey-asia. com, Jaap Syuk, to take over and run the website.

So from being insignificant, we are slowly but surely moving ahead....