Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Well, for a particular journalist of a Malays daily that always looks at this blog and then carries stories from the MHF perspective and labeling this blog as "kritik", here is some news for you as all you seem to do is pick up my stories and do not do work.

Apparently the national team matches against India scheduled for this February are off and instead the team will play matches against France instead from the 20 - 27 of January.

These matches will be played after the Malaysia v China series that are scheduled from January 12 onwards.

Since the Azlan Shah matches have been called off, the national team was facing a dearth of matches to prepare for the Olympic Qualifiers from March 10.

And with India unable to accommodate the matches in February, there is a possibility that Poland could well save the day as they have indicated that they will be able to play a couple of matches before they go for the India leg of the Olympic Qualifiers.

Now back to this journalist, it is fine for you to pick up info from this blog, but to keep on implying that this blog is a critic speaks the volumes of your inability to generate stories on your own accord. That belittles your newspapers as it indicates that it is now a mouthpiece of certain officials within MHF who are not able to maintain their own website hence take the liberty to blow their own trumpet.