Monday, December 19, 2011


The idea was discussed at a special seminar held in July by the MHF Competitions Committee. And it was subsequently endorsed at its Council Meeting.

Before I become flip flop like MHF, allow me to explain the subject matter.

It's was discussed and decided that the Malaysian Junior Hockey League will be played on a Zonal basis, the idea behind it was to broaden the participation and lessening the financial burden on teams which under the old format at times needed to travel the length and breath of the country.

Somehow along the way MHF forgot to discuss this with the stakeholders, that being the sponsors - NSC and MILO.

And presto, akin to pulling the rabbit out of the hat, MHF has now called for a meeting between teams to discuss the format tomorrow, and the icing on the cake is that even some teams from KL were not invited for the meeting.

So now clubs/schools can determine what kind of format they want and the decision of the Council means nothing in Malaysian Hockey.

Holding discussions with teams is healthy, but would it not have been proper to send out entry forms to all teams via the state HA and if the response was lukewarm, only then call for a meeting to review the format?

And these teams were not invited to the July seminar by god knows who.

All one can deduce from this scenario is MHF is flip flopped on decisions, saying one thing and doing another, as the proverb goes - cakap tak serupa bikin.

Anymore surprises after that Azlan Shah fiasco? Keep on reading as they will spring one surprise after another...