Thursday, December 29, 2011


Having read the, a Singapore news website, I am particularly disturbed to find out the following:

Financing is also a key issue which Annabel Pennefather, president of the Singapore Hockey Federation (SHF), hopes the MCYS and the SSC can help address.

"2012 could be a big year for us as we have been approached by the FIH (hockey's governing body) to host the launch event for their new initiative, the World Hockey League, which is set to be their new qualifying route for future World Cups and Olympics," said Pennefather.

According to Pennefather, the SHF are unable to commit to hosting the 12-team event (six each from men and women) scheduled for next August due to uncertainty in funding.

"We did ask the SSC for assistance and were told to expect the answer in February," she said.

"In the meantime, we have agreed to hold the Asian Hockey Federation Cup for women next year which will cost at least S$100,000, with the cost of hiring the Sengkang Hockey Stadium from the SSC taking up the bulk of the cost."

It is indeed shocking that MHF or now MHC did not bid for the event which would have been held right after the Olympics. And here we are fighting for a change in qualifying format when we could have been on the forefront for change besides repairing our image in the eyes of FIH, especially three months before the FIH Congress in Malaysia in October next year.