Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When this blog first wrote about the so called partnership between Air Asia and the 1 MAS Project,  some within the system said that there was really nothing sinister behind it.

But the truth always hurts and try as they did to cover a deal that favoured Air Asia more then anyone else, the truth eventually prevailed and we will now share with the readers as to what the cost was to play in the Mickey Mouse competition down under.

The tournament was held from November 25 to November 27, making it a  three day event. And the team returned to Malaysia on Monday, November 28.

In all a total of 18n players and six officials made the trip to Perth, Australia.

So I was told that Air Asia gave a hefty discount on the travel cost, and it was something in the region of RM350 per person, which brings the total cost to RM8,400.

Now have a look at the summary with regards to the list of payments as was distributed at the lfinal MHF Council Meeting on Saturday, December 17.

The total cost for the trip was listed as RM105,281.00.

After deducting the cost of subsidised flights by Air Asia, the total cost comes to a whopping RM96,881 and if one was to divide that between the 24 players/officials making the trip, it will amount to RM4,036.00 per person, for a six day stay in Perth, thus the average cost per day will come to RM672.78.

That is not taking into account the selection camp for the Perth tournament that cost RM19,804.00.

Now this is TAXPAYERS money we are talking about so there ought to be a public disclosure of just why did participation in a six day event down under cost so much?

Just for the sake of comparison sake, the cost of the National Under 16 playing in the 4 Nation event in Manheim was RM102.520.

Let us not even touch the issue of the "blank" website that has incurred a total cost of RM23,065.25 listed as service provider fee while a further RM268.00 as domain fee.

Over to you Tuanku President...