Friday, June 8, 2012


Tai Beng Hai who failed to steer the national team to the London Olympics has been appointed as the MHC Coaching Director.

That was the statement made by Johari Abdul Aziz, the MHC Hon. Secretary over TV tonight.

And Beng Hai was also quoted to be saying that it was a new challenge.

The irony is that top guns of MHC and NSC had a meeting on Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur and this matter was brought up but no firm decision made.

And just on last Sunday, the MHC Coaching Committee had decided to advertise the position.

Such an important appointment has been announced by the Secretary and not the President nor with consent from either the Executive Board or Council makes one wonder if decisions in the MHC are made over a cup of coffee and announced when someone feels like it!

Another issue to be of concern is that there is a newly formed, in line with the MHC Constitution, High Performance Committee, where Prof Dr. S.Shamala is the Chairperson.

This Committee rightfully should be involved in the discussions with regards to the appointments of either national coaches, consultants or directors.

And here is additional news for all readers, it seems that MHC will soon have a Media Officer who was offered the job by Johari during the Azlan Shah Cup.

So resignations accepted, appointments made, all with total disregard of the running of a proper national association that adheres to its constitution.

Let it be clear that this blog has no issues with Beng Hai being appointed, but when some pea brained personalities start bad mouthing this blog as their agenda is being de-railed, then it is only fair that we expose their misdeeds.

So really Tuanku, did you actually endorse the announcement of Beng Hai as the Coaching Director?

Or was it done to fulfill the agenda of a certain personality that used the Secretary so as to promote his own agenda?

Start using and adhering to the constitution please, is that too much to ask for?