Sunday, June 24, 2012


We all know what that means as so far as being on the streets is concerned. But surely one would not expect such mentality from supposedly grown up mature individuals at the helm of Malaysian hockey, who sadly claim that hockey interest is utmost on their minds.

I wish to share the experience of such mentality during the short spell I tried to assist the MHC from the inside.

I was appointed or so was what the letter of appointment stated, as a member of the MHC Competitions Committee, to be precise the so-called Technical Committee in April.

The intention was noble, that I part with my knowledge to advise the committee on how to manage competitions in order to have them run more cost effectively, taking into consideration the needs of the players, states, media and fans.

I could see genuine interest amongst the members as they deliberated on matters with concern, accepting changes proposed that we're drastic yet for the good of the game like closing of entries a month before an event and many more which I shall not deliberate.

I however resigned from that committee via an email sent to Dato Abd Rahim Md Ariff during the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup after the incident with the national coach as Rahim being also the Organising Chairman deemed it not important to act on my complaint and acted in cohorts with a Senior Vice President to smear my name.

Now prior to me accepting the role in the committee, they had already decided to seek my services to act as a media officer for all their domestic tournaments and I was to be paid accordingly.

This however did not get to a proper start as the current Secretary General and the Senior VP refused to honour payment for the National Under 16 Tournament in Kedah.

Moving on, the Sukma are due to be held in Kuantan and there are a total of 66 officials allocated for hockey.

Hashim Mohd Yusof was appointed Tournament Director more than a year ago and despite his impending departure from MHC, he agreed to fulfil his responsibilities, against his better judgement.

The organisers required for a list of officials to be submitted by 20 June and Hashim seeing that dissemination of match reports in a multi sports carnival will be difficult approached me to serve in Sukma as the Assistant Tournament Director.

He had approached the members of the MHC Technical Committee and since all were tied up requested me to consider serving as I was free and could also do the media services at no additional cost to MHC. A noble gesture that has since gone wrong.

To be fair to Hashim, I did write to Rahim and Johari with regards to the nomination especially when I came to know that certain personalities were conspiring with Johari to question the appointment.

A formal letter was emailed to me by Johari while Rahim just kept his silence, trying to be the politician he always is.

And presto, Kol B. Muthukumar has now questioned my appointment and made it an issue which I am compelled to address here.

Firstly my progression as you put it is not media for I was the youngest ever Secretary to a state hockey body, was a qualified umpire at the age of 17, and have organised not only state but international events. And unlike your assertion, I am also a competent football match commissioner as well. I have been involved in the administration of sports since 1982 and proudly served in various capacities.

As stated earlier the intention was noble, to do dual responsibilities in trying to save MHC cost. Since you feel hard up about it Muthu, maybe you can go and serve since you may not be satisfied that you or your loyal supporters have not been appointed. But at the same time please list down how many tournaments that you have been appointed to for the last 6 months and do not forget to omit the Razak Cup where you lobbied to be the TD so as to impress the President.

Let's talk principles as well then, since you are with the Armed Forces HA, do you think you will not be bias as a TD as your team is also involved? That answer requires a principle answer!

Coming back to this whole issue, it all boils down to Dato Rahim who seriously should vacate his position as Chairman since he cannot spare time to answer emails or plan for meetings. You have been surviving on the hard work by Hashim and the manner in which you treat him these days is utterly disgusting.

And to Johari, you may try to portray that you are a jack of all trades but you clearly are the master of none. Wake up from your slumber , accept reality and not look at everything with disdain, for time is running out as you try your divide and rule concept.

I have nothing personal against Muthu, since he was umpiring in the NS League when I was the state Hon Secretary in 1987. But when you and your henchmen opted to sideline my brother from AHF appointments, you made it personal.

This further enhances the fact that you do not look at the bigger picture but are only out to serve the interest of your cronies and those who think not for hockey at large.

What hope is there for hockey?