Sunday, June 17, 2012


Though I was unable to attend the Press Conference post MHC Executive Board meeting, and despite the best efforts by some other Journalists to seek info from the Secretary of MHC, as we were all at the launch of the Mr.Hockey book at PJ, some of the information that I derived from a few calls revealed this:

- that it is perfectly okay to fail to qualify for the World Cup and Olympics as it is more rewarding to fail. If you are wondering what I am blabbering about , well Mr. Tai Beng Hai has been appointed as the Coaching Director of MHC and has a nine year tenure as he is also the Project 2021 coach.

- Stephen van Huizen, the only Malaysian coach in the last 28 years ( since LA 1984) to have taken the national team through an Olympic Qualifier ( for the Sydney Olympics) has his secondment nullified and sent back to serve his employers.

There is just so much to write, especially how the Secretary misled the EB but not revealing the contents of the letter of resignation of Hashim Mohd Yusof as it implicated the Senior Vice President, whom I was told by Manindejit Singh this evening was one of the key factors of him parting ways with MHC abruptly last March.

Well invoke the OSA in MHC and to that Senior VP who threatened me with a law suit and made nasty remarks together with the Secretary, I have this to say, you are not in my pay bracket.