Friday, June 22, 2012


That literally translated from Malay to English bluntly means " u r stupid".

Now who said that to me does not warrant a revelation as yet and I promise you I shall expose the person.

Hurt? Angered? Disgusted? Seriously I could not be bothered as I rather be branded stupid than actually tell a lie by hiding behind the word professionalism.

It all entails to my efforts to find out details with regards to the meeting between MHC, NSC and Paul Revington.

But this person, and another who opted to lie to me prior to the 5/6 placing at the Azlan Shah Cup when he claimed he had no knowledge of efforts nor was party to negotiations with the South African, hiding behind the word professionalism makes me want to puke.

Now if both of you claim to be professionals, let us see you support the participation of the Project 2013 Squad in the MHL this season.

This has been done for the 1989 JWC where they managed to finish sixth. Bit it was then stopped and we have been finishing in double figures ever since.

So called professionals, who claim others are stupid, let's see how intelligent you are....