Monday, June 18, 2012


The above, though not in exact form was presented to the Executive Board of the Malaysian Hockey Federation at its meeting yesterday.

Though the chart was distributed and then collected back from the members of the EB, the chart is reflective of where the MHC is headed.

If one is to notice, both Lim Chiow Chuan and Tai Beng Hai have been given double duties, thus indicating that Malaysia does not have capable coaches to fill up the vacant positions created in the name of planning.

While the 1MAS Steering Committee had given Lim a choice to decide between 1MAS and the Project 2017, it seems that the decision is now over-ruled by the EB. Hence if the Steering Commiittee members have any principles, they ought to resign.

Looking at the chart, which I am told will be modified to reflect that Paul Revington and his team will not report to Beng Hai, it is ironic that the womens team has not been given a Juniors team, hence the development aspect is solely for men.

Coming back to Revington, it is learnt that he comes with a package, with his assistant Arul Selvaraj being his assistant.

It is learnt that a national team official flew to London to negotiate with Revington after the Junior Asia Cup in Malacca. So when Paul Gaudoin 's name was thrown into the hat, it was panic stations as now HRH Sultan of Perak was involved since Ric Charlesworth had two audiences with Sultan Azlan Shah on the final day of SAS Cup.

And when this blogger had provided details of the terms requested by Gaudion, no effort was made to further negotiate with him as they had committeed to Revington and thus used Gaudoin's excessive demands, as how NSC puts it now, as a reason why they could not opt for the Aussie.

There was also a proposal that both be employed, but if that happened, so what excuse was they to give to deny Gaudoin had it materialised?

Coming back to Lim and Beng Hai, they must have great godfathers in MHC as the Coaching Commiittee never did discuss these appointments, and ironically give four positions to two persons does not make sense at all.