Friday, June 15, 2012


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation will hold its second Executive Board meeting this Sunday, clearly yet again not following its own constitution where it is stated that an EB meeting is to be held every two months. (The last EB meeting was February 11).

But let's not even talk about adhering to the constitution as those surrounding Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah have been giving him such sound advice on hockey that the constitution is nothing but a shred of paper.

What is more interesting is the dates of the Asia Cup in 2013.

In the agenda, it is stated that the Asia Cup, which is the qualifier for the 2014 World Cup will be held in Ipoh from Aug 30. And the women's Asia Cup will be in early October.

In case those who proposed that dates have opted to forget, due to their affiliation with a particular official who is spearheading the attacks on another official of MHC, Malaysia has qualified for the 2013 Junior World Cup which will be held in November 2013 in New Delhi.

So why is there no thought given to the Sultan Johor Cup which should be held at least two months before the Junior World Cup?

Holding the Sultan Johor Cup in early September will then provide our Juniors with a perfect platform to prepare for their Delhi assignment.

And the Asia Cup could be organized late June, just before the fasting month commences.

Which now brings about the question on the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup and the re-structured Malaysian Hockey League? When will these two tournaments be held?

Why ask me when there are some intelligent officials in MHC who do nothing but bad mouth this blogger to Tengku Abdullah who in turn keeps asking what is my agenda rather then looking into the bigger picture as to why his so called competent officials cannot even arrange one attachment program for players overseas?

Now talking about the agenda, the meeting was scheduled for 5pm but has since been moved to 4pm. Looking at the agenda clearly shows that the EB will also discuss trivial matters such as bonus for the MHC staff and the resignation of Hashim Mohd Yusof.

The staff get paid allowances when they go for tournaments such as the Junior Asia Cup and the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. So really for May the MHC office was shut. And you want to talk about bonus when they were on paid leave? Besides these matters should be discussed at the Finance Committee meeting.

And about the resignation of Hashim, why is his letter of resignation not circulated as it has allegations against a MHC official who was the cause of the resignation?

Why was the resignation of Maninderjit Singh as Secretary not discussed at the MHC Council meeting? It is now learnt that the same official was the reason why Mike left MHC.

MHC is in wilderness as the administration is a sham, no disrespect to the current secretary who seems to have taken sides in the battle for power in the corridors of the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

It is clear that the battle lines have been drawn as the two officials are in the process of preparing for the 2014 elections, battle lines drawn, all at the expense of hockey.

And before I forget, to the two pea brained officials who poisoned the President with allegations against me, I will hunt you till your graves.

Footnote; Trust Paul Gaudoin not to get the coaching job as I was involved in the initial discussions with him.